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BC Underground Septic & Excavation Inc: ROWP-Certified Experts. Specializing in Septic Design, Installation, Inspections, and Maintenance. Proudly serving Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, and remote areas
Our other services Include: Perimeter drain repairs + 
maintenance and sewer line repair + maintenance

BC Underground Septic & Excavation Inc. Specializes in the design, inspection, construction, and replacement of:

  • Type 1 Septic

  • Type 2 Septic &

  • Type 3 Septic

Waste Water Treatment Systems accross Southern Vancouver  Island, Gulf Islands, and  the Sunshine coast


Drawing on our expertise in permiter drain, installation, repair, and replacement, BC Underground Septic & Excavation Inc. provides all-encompassing general  excavation services designed  for your Victoria BC home; including basement excavation and utilities. Connect with us today for your specific needs.

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